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Inpinto specializes in producing and distributing home microbrewery systems, malt extracts and accesories for home brewing.


Inpinto high-quality ingredients are produced by professional breweries in Czech Republic and New Zealand.


Inpinto’s production division is placed in Lithuania, assembling and distribution divisions are located in Prague and Moscow.


Inpinto Microbreweries combine modern technology, exceptional design and creative variety in the kitchen.

Inpinto provides fun and an interesting experience and activity that is easy for novices and convenient for experienced and pro beermakers.

You can have any style of beer you want easily using a malt extract or brew beer from real malt.


Inpinto malt extracts are produced by acknowledged market-leader company LION, New Zealand.


We provide home brewers with only the best malts and hops and only 100% natural ingredients.


Inpinto mixes allow one to make beer of any style, including Czech, German, English, Irish, Belgium ones.


  • Sterilise the brewing equipment
  • Pour the malt extract can into the keg
  • Allow 5-7 days for primary fermentation
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for aging
  • Cool before drinking… and enjoy!



Inpinto Home Brewery is a great gift, appropriate for any holiday or celebration.

At the very first sight this brewery makes you want to try making your own beer - even if you never thought about it before.

Making beer is quite a simple process, but the quality and taste of the final product may be superior to many sorts of beer produced by professional breweries.

This fact is confirmed by the results of various contests, where beer, made at Inpinto Home Breweries, from original Inpinto ingredients and based on recipes, proposed by Inpinto, consistently wins prizes.



English Bitter

Amber in color and hoppy in character ale which adds a touch of tradition of British brewers to you. Inpinto English Bitter has a light malty aroma and flavour, well balanced, easy to brew and drink.



Few centuries ago IPA was produced to travel a long way from England to India to bring colonists the taste of homeland in a mug of beer. Inpinto IPA is medium bodied, yellow in color with dry malt middle and hop finish.


Brown Ale

Inpinto Brown Ale is amber in colour, low in hops and rich in flavour with a light malt, caramel and fruity character. This type of brown ales has their origin in West Midlands in England and can also be reffered as Mild Ales.


English Porter

English Porter was traditionally brewed for London dock workers. This porter had rich full malt flavour, very light hop character and brown color. Recover this taste with Inpinto English Porter.


Irish Stout

Irish Stout or Dry Stout contrary to Imperial Stouts traditionally has low to moderate alcohol content and moderate gravity. Inpinto Irish Stout is dark brown in color and has hop and roast coffee character in flavor.


Belgian Blonde Ale

Modern "pils" modification of traditional Belgium Abbey Ales: dubbels and tripels. Inpinto Belgian Blonde Ale is light in color, has light sweet malty character, moderate hops and alcohol, drinkable and refreshing.


German Weiss

Weissbier is a Bavarian Beer with significant malted barley volume replaced with malted wheat. It is known that first wheat beer was brewed in Babylon 4000 BC. Inpinto German Weiss is very low in hops, fruity in character, light "wheat" in color, refreshing and ideal to drink in the summer hot.


Vienna Lager

Vienna lager’s origins came from its namesake city in Austria and was developed by Anton Dreher in 1841. Inpinto Vienna Lager is light gold in color and has notable malt aroma and low noble hop aroma, very smooth and gentle.


Bohemian Pilsener

Pilsener took its name from the city of Pilsen in Bohemia in Czech Republic. It was first produced in 1842 and since that time has reached worldwide popularity. Inpinto Bohemian Pilsnener is gold in color and has distinct hop flavor and aroma and rich malty character.


Apple Cider

Apple Cider have been known since Romans arrived in England in 50 BC. Today it has millions of fans all over the world. Special cider apples are used to produce Inpinto Apple Cider. That contributes fine and memorable taste for this drink.


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